About Siop Dwt

Shwmae! I'm Helen, the Welsh learner behind Siop Dwt.

I've lived in Wales all my life but struggled with Welsh classes at school. When I decided to learn as an adult, I had a lot more enthusiasm and wanted to connect with others and make learning Welsh feel more accessible for those starting out. 

The idea for Siop Dwt's most popular product started when I was talking with my Welsh tutor about how I could embed the language more into my daily life. As I flicked through my diary to fit in our next lesson, the idea came to me that a bilingual diary would be a great place to start. I went on to design the diary, find a printer and find some local distributers, including the National Museum of Wales. 

I've gone on to embrace my creative side with Welsh language designs for clothing and accessories, occasionally commissioning local artists to bring my ideas to life. I do some sewing, embroidery and cross stitch too, as I love variety and trying out new crafts. 

It's always great to hear from the wider community of learners, please get in touch with any questions or comments. I'm not fluent in Welsh however, so I may take a while longer to respond to comments in Welsh as I figure out vocabulary and mutations!

Hwyl, Helen