Get inspired for a romantic day in the Capital

Get inspired for a romantic day in the Capital

Guest blog by @ohgetstuffed 

Living in Wales we are lucky to have two Valentine’s days on our calendar.
Because why should us Welsh hotties wait until February to get our date on?
What’s all the fuss about 14 th of February anyway? St Dwynwen’s Day will guarantee you less queues in the shops, no unnecessary price hikes, better availability in restaurants and a chance to get a smooch way before the rest of the world does. Heck, us Welsh lovers deserve a day just for us.

For those who need some inspiration, here are some date ideas for you to do in Cardiff this St Dwynwen’s Day.

For the gift giver:
1. Take a little trip to Castle Welsh Crafts on Castle Street and buy your lover a
personalised Welsh Love Spoon. Need a card to go with that? Make it Welsh and pickup a gorgeous one from Shop Wales on St John’s Street.

For the creative type:
2. Make a Wally’s picnic! Pop to Wally’s Delicatessen and fill your wicker basket with
ingredients to create a romantic picnic. Perfect to enjoy in Bute Park if its sunny,
living room floor if it’s raining.

For the flashy one:
3. Get on your glad rags and enjoy a night in the gorgeous champagne lounge at the
Heathcock in Llandaff. Don’t leave without having one of their Pembrokeshire
oysters. My favourite is the apple, cucumber, and tarragon topping. Delish.

For the tipsy date:
4. Get a few rounds in of your favourite cocktails from some of the best bars in Cardiff. Cocktail Bar crawl: Dead Canary, Lab22, Penny Royal, The Libertine. Grab me an espresso martini please!

For the classic date:
5. Start the night with a few rounds of Street Fighter in NQ64 on St Marys Street then catch a movie down Every Man Cinema in Cardiff Bay. Loser pays for the popcorn. January’s Showings: “Whitney Houston: I wanna dance with somebody” or “Chicago”

For the foodie one:
6. Book a table at Sushi Life on Wellfield Rd. Gorgeous decor, romantic vibe, close seating. The sushi is presented on decretive bamboo bridges. Yep, you read right. Order recommendation: The Spicy salmon maki and Tuna sashimi.

Don’t forget: Welsh Valentines Day – 25th January

Welsh compliments to swoon your lucky date:
Cusana fi – Kiss me.
Dw i’n dwli arnat ti – I am crazy about you.

Rwyn’n dy garu di – I love you
Rydych yn hardd – You’re beautiful

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